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To Be In The Mafia

Want a #snuggiemafia shirt

If you haven’t heard of the SnuggieMafia yet, that’s okay,  someone you may follow probably has. The SnuggieMafia is a group of Twitterers who really just want to have fun socializing with like minded tweeps. They joke, tease and just have fun spreading the tweets. It really doesn’t take much to be a member of the mafia just a few simple guidelines:

First if you like a tweet and you want it to spread fast then all you need to do is hash tag one word #snuggiemafia, when you ad that to a tweet, the rest of the mafia takes notice and someone in the mafia will retweet it.


@NikolasWelsh RT @iPenginBrijhe: #SNUGGIEMAFIA WHO VOTES TO SEE THE LYRICS TO THE #SNUGGIEMAFIASONG. Yes, it’s only the lyrics; not jumpy singing, no …

@scarletmandy me me!!! =) RT @iPenginBrijhe: #SNUGGIEMAFIA WHO VOTES TO SEE THE LYRICS TO THE #SNUGGIEMAFIASONG. Yes, it’s only the lyrics; REPLY!

@epwait RT @scarletmandy: me me!!! =) RT @iPenginBrijhe: #SNUGGIEMAFIA WHO VOTES TO SEE THE LYRICS TO THE #SNUGGIEMAFIASONG. Yes, it’s only t …

See how it works just one #snuggiemafia and flood, get your twumbrella’s out.

So if you #snuggiemafia a few times you could get a request to join the SnuggieMafia and be listed in the Twictionary

The other thing the mafia does is watch for SPAMMERS so the Mafia can put a #snuggiemafia hit on the offender.


@SnuggieMafia: Don’t Follow this Guy >>> @gmhomebiz: <<<< SPAMMER #snuggiemafia hit >>> block #bitchslap

The Mafia hates SPAM so don’t try to sell anything by using #snuggiemafia in any sales pitch.

SPAM is clasified as DM spam when someone DM’s you a link you did not request or Reply spam when someone attaches a link that was wasn’t part of the original tweet.

That’s it, follow these guidelines and you could be in The Mafia.

Below is a second list for backup reasons the original can be found at the Twictionary

SnuggieMafia Membership Roster:










(Please note, Scott actually does own and wear a blue Snuggie!)








































































*And volunteering to be the official band of the SnuggieMafia is

@LagoonBand– @LagoonBand

(Thanks guys, your music is awesome!)

The SnuggieMafia listing was a special request from @SnuggieMafia. (@SnuggieMafia)

Do you have any more twitspeak that I need to add or SnuggieMafia members? Please let me know by commenting here or sending me a note on Twitter!

Oh, and if you do comment, feel free to include the link to your Twitter profile or your own Blog, I don’t mind, just note that everyone in the SnuggieMafia abhors spam, so if you leave any, it WILL BE DELETED!

@epwait Has also greatly helped with this post!


1. Karen Slate - May 2, 2009

I want to be a part of snuggieMafia too!

2. Jessica - May 2, 2009

Whoot whoot does a body and soul good 🙂

3. Suzyqbee10 - May 22, 2009

Hello I was sent to join

4. How to Change Your Oil « epwait is here. - May 29, 2009

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