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Dakota – Damien Cripps Band – Screaming Aussies cover of Welsh Band – Stereophonics song December 18, 2009

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Great Brand new video from a great band down under the Damien Cripps Band. They have allot more on Youtube. TexAustralia on Youtube. Follow them on Twitter @DamienCripps.   Want even more info go on the band check out there Myspace.

Read more about The Damien Cripps Band on Sunny’s Spin Shack also visit there blog Damien Cripps Band, Australia.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Why Do You Tweet? November 24, 2009

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This post is a work in progress.  to be reread and edited many times is my guess.  I do know I still need to add quite a few answers to the question.  I look forward to your criticism and input to improve this post.

I ask the question “Why Do You Tweet?” on Twitter.  I realize that this question has most definitely been asked before, but I was still curious.  What I found wasn’t to surprising and you may also not be surprised, most people are trying to find a connection.

When I say connection it comes in many ways, you have marketer’s, celebrities, news seekers, humorists and much more.  What I did notice was the fact that most of us just want to be heard we want someone to listen to us, the connection comes down need the need of being wanted.  The ultimate need for humanity to socialize.

We all have an instinct to want to connect we go to parties, we go out to dinner or coffee with friends or to meet new people.  This for the majority of the world is all that we need.  But people who Tweet have a greater need there curiosity for what’s happening in the world a crave and in fact may be even an addiction to get more information and to share that information on a huge scale.

Tweeters want to socialize with the world they want to be heard and in some ways want to be celebrities in there own right.  As for why celebrities tweet well it’s to talk about what they are working on, to let fans know, in there own words what they are really up to.  Yes we heard that before, however I have a belief that many celebrities may have a need to connect because they want to socialize outside their own celebrity status. To see a little of the average person and possibly find what’s real.

Here are some of the answers I got and more are to be added.

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  1. TheHeartSleeves

    @epwait Twitter is like a wall. You throw your tweets against it & see if they stick or fall into obscurity. 2:39 PM Nov 17th from web in reply to epwait

  2. TheHeartSleeves TheHeartSleeves

    @epwait I started tweeting 2 promote my band, then I found a quilt-ish community of other promoters, we’re all circumventing death in limbo. 2:35 PM Nov 17th from web in reply to epwait

  3. modernsextrash modernsextrash

    hahahaha @epwait because the world is counting on me to. 2:35 PM Nov 17th from TweetDeck

  4. TheHeartSleeves TheHeartSleeves

    @epwait I tweet 2 have audience, however random, for my thoughts & music. It is the easiest way to raise the water level 1 pebble @ a time. 2:33 PM Nov 17th from web in reply to epwait

  5. Bruce O'Neal houstonmacbro

    @epwait I tweet because it connects me to others. I DO have something to say. Not ALWAYS profound, but good enough. #amahighered 2:32 PM Nov 17th from TweetDeck in reply to epwait

  6. AG theamygrace

    @epwait I tweet to prevent you from taking over the world. 4:07 AM Nov 13th from Brizzly in reply to epwait

  7. ugly websites uglywebsites

    @epwait i tweet to make up for the ppl too lazy to tweet. 3:27 AM Nov 13th from web in reply to epwait

  8. Justin JustinSxE

    @epwait Because updating my Facebook status annoys my friends. 3:25 AM Nov 13th from web in reply to epwait

  9. Darla a.k.a. Missy Mnmissy

    @epwait I tweet to not only network for a job…but also to meet people from around the globe! Lots of fabulous friendship created here! 1:36 AM Nov 13th from TweetDeck

  10. ugly websites uglywebsites

    @epwait i have 589 channels-> and nothing good on ANY OF THEM 10:42 PM Nov 12th from web in reply to epwait

  11. ugly websites uglywebsites

    @epwait (longer)-> keeps me “connected”-> if u’re able to edit out the crap, there’s good “news” on here. ppl tweet about things before the 10:37 PM Nov 12th from web in reply to epwait

  12. ugly websites uglywebsites

    @epwait I Tweet Because… nothing good on TV (short answer) 10:35 PM Nov 12th from web in reply to epwait

  13. Susan Elaine BuzzEdition

    @epwait I tweet because I enjoy sharing unique stories & interesting people with others. Basically, I do it for the social connection ~hugs~ 7:16 PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck

  14. Donny Gonzales Donrengon

    @epwait I tweet cause I like having an outlet and don’t care who can read my inner thoughts. 9:35 AM Nov 12th from Echofon in reply to epwait

  15. Milana Ryan rmilana

    cc @epwait > RT @lammiia: @rmilana I tweet to air my views about topics and engage in interesting discussions. 7:31 AM Nov 12th from dabr

  16. Scott Taylor ScottATaylor

    @epwait I tweet to meet people and share information 8:53 PM Nov 11th from UberTwitter in reply to epwait

  17. Nichelle Pace STYLEMOM

    @epwait to engage, laugh, connect, get news, promote site, consumer reasearch, i’m a chatterbox & a tad nosey, & get the pulse of people 8:33 PM Nov 11th from Snaptu in reply to epwait

  18. Milana Ryan rmilana

    @epwait tweet sounds better than bark 😛 hehe just for having fun and connect with people 8:23 PM Nov 11th from dabr in reply to epwai

    1. Jennifer Lee scarletmandy

      @epwait or else I might just b an attention whore lmao 6:48 PM Nov 11th from mobile web

    2. Jennifer Lee scarletmandy

      @epwait because I love socializing and there’s not much of that in a small town lol 6:48 PM Nov 11th from mobile web

    3. Helen Sventitsky treaclelilly

      @epwait Actually, no. I liked that answer, so I RT’d it. I tweet to talk, kvetch, share, enjoy, sing, wax poetic, muse (no, not the band). 5:48 PM Nov 11th from Echofon in reply to epwait

    4. Changa Gorham CGArticleDir

      @epwait I Tweet to spread Love, Value, and good information to those who might crave it….. 5:46 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck in reply to epwait

    5. Barbee keeperofdreams

      I tweet to create, intrigue,share, flirt, laugh, tease, and to open my mind… @epwait Why Do You Tweet.? 5:24 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck

    6. chetan cheth

      @epwait to connect with liked minded people ( designers) and also to connect with the rest of the world with the power of 140 characters! 5:04 PM Nov 11th from web in reply to epwait

    7. Tiffany santasdevil

      Cuz I stopped doing drugs n this is just as gratifying .RT @epwait: @santasdevil Why Do You Tweet? this is for an upcoming blog post 5:00 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck

    8. J Weaverous

      @epwait i tweet because its a great way to connect, communicate a interact with people across the globe many whom id never have met irl 4:45 PM Nov 11th from Echofon in reply to epwait

    9. Amy Walker IvySunny

      @epwait Why? Because I want to make new friends. I want to make people smile and laugh. Once in a while, I succeed 😉 4:44 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck in reply to epwait

    10. Dan Weatherall Dan303

      RT @epwait: Why do you tweet? your answe…..[I tweet Because its good promotion for my blog and music. It’s also good to chat to followers] 4:21 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck

    11. Allison Janney allisonjanney

      @epwait To share, collaborate, and learn from other PR studs, profs and pros. Can’t NOT do it going into PR. Also super fun/addictive. 4:15 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck in reply to epwait

    12. Miss Cathy OhioSteelerGirl

      @epwait It gives you an opportunity to “meet” people you would most likely never know. 3:58 PM Nov 11th from web in reply to epwait

    13. Verleen Wonderly verwon

      @epwait Cool! You can take ‘especially men’ onto the end! Have to drive them crazy, it’s my calling. 3:48 PM Nov 11th from dabr in reply to epwait

    14. purplehayz purplehayz

      @epwait I also tweet for the conversations and to give and get information 3:47 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck

    15. Verleen Wonderly verwon

      @epwait I tweet, because good insanity MUST be shared! 3:40 PM Nov 11th from dabr

    16. Ray wei_wu_wei

      @epwait to inform, to be informed, and most importantly for fun… 3:36 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck in reply to epwait

O RLY May 10, 2009

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Just wanted to say this to all my Twitter friends.
clipped from www.marcofolio.net

October 2007 - Picture 13
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Real Life Twitter – CollegeHumor video April 29, 2009

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Everyone has been sharing this on Twitter and I thought it was fucking funny as hell, course hell ain’t that funny for some people. I also thought, that since so many people are putting this on their blogs then I should follow their lead, since I follow them on Twitter. It’s the Twitter thing to do after all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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How I met A Web Guy April 29, 2009

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Now I really thinks I got lucky here, I was just digging around Twitter looking for people to follow. I was reading a couple of tweets in between when I read one tweet that said live web cast RT @murnahan http://www.awebguy.com/live/ . I can’t recall who tweeted it or if it said more, but it still caught my attention. I went to the web cast and there was this crazy guy on there shouting, “salad terrorist”! repeatedly in a getup that was like some poor Arab on crack. That was it, I was hooked. When someone is making a fool of himself like that, you can’t but wonder what’s going to happen next.

Just recently @murnahan Mark A. Murnahan and his wife @pegmu Peggy Murnahan had a baby boy name Jack. if you get a chance stop by and say hi to Mark, what a great guy.

clipped from www.awebguy.com

This is such a fun blog post to write, because I am going to tell you how the “big dogs” in social media marketing get paid. I hear it all of the time, and many of my peers say they hear it, too … “so how do you make money with social media?”
Please note that this relates to social media marketing consultants who earn their living by helping clients with marketing their products or services better with social media. There are many branches to the field of social media, such as bloggers who earn money as writers and blog owners. There are providers, such as Twitter, Digg, Sphinn Linked In, Reddit, Facebook, etcetera. There are social media marketers who saw some success in the industry and decided to write a book about it and sell it to make money, and similarly those who speak about their success in public forums. These are various methods, and this article is not about them (maybe later).
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Must Read Blog Of A Twitter Friend April 29, 2009

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My Twitter friend @verwon is one special lady with a hell of a good humor, and writing talent way beyond my stumbling fingers or grammatical errors.

@verwon recently posted a fantastic post on her blog that really hits the spot on how many in our #twitterfamily or the fast growing #snuggiemafia all agree on. Below is just a clip of what she wrote so if you want to read more you must go to her blog to get the full story.

clipped from verwon.com

Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You On Twitter!

I realize there are many people on the social networking site Twitter.com that want followers and they seem to have a hard time grasping why they either don’t get them or why they get unfollowed very rapidly.  So, in this post, I am going to list some of the biggest reasons why I either don’t follow someone or why I will unfollow them and if you agree, feel free to point others here to read this.
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