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Are You Looking For A Personal Chef

My name is Eric Wait, Chef extrodanaire (at least in my mind). I am currently working at Silvano’s Restaurant Italiano. I am Chef Silvano’s, Sous Chef and I also work the front of the house. Silvano’s is a small restaurtant that seats around 44 to 50 people with a small kitchen, most the time Silvano is doing all the cooking and I help in the kitchen when it is busy. When Silvano wants to go out of town or on vacation I run the kitchen doing everything he did while there, I open and close do all the prep and make sure we have our product in stock. When Silvano is away I work everyday at least 50 to 60 hours total and when he is there I usually only work 20 hours a week which is the majority of the time. I really like working there.

I am however hoping that I can become a personal Chef for a busy working family or even a business professional, or other professional who may be looking for some great home cooking.

This is my background.

  1. I am classic French trained Le Cordon Bleu
  2. I have worked for Crown Plaza and Disney World 7 years between the two
  3. I am familiar with North Western Pacific cuisine Oregon and Washington; Midwestern family comfort foods; grew up eating Laotian food and Thai cuisine salty, spicy, sour, sweet; and currently working with Italian cuisine for the past two years.
  4. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and so I have made plenty of vegetarian cuisine.
  5. I am very health conscious and cook with healthy techniques in mind.

I am hoping that I can find someone to work for in Florida so I can maintain a good working relation with Silvano and be able to see my girlfriend Jenna on a regular basis. I do however realize that this may not be practical so I am willing to go where the client wants me to go.

How I can be contacted my email is epwait55@gmail.com or you can contact me via Facebook even on Twitter @epwait. I also can be left a text via the Text button to the side over there —–>


1. WiltingSoul - May 20, 2009

You cook for me, I bake for you….yes? Lol. I make a great homemade apple pie with apples from my tree. 😀

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