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reBlog from epw55: Thousand Years Of Blood January 10, 2010

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I found this fascinating quote today:

The 999th year of my walking death a year I looked forward to, this was the year I would feed on the blood of thousands. It was to be a celebration of my thousandth year of blood letting. I was in Italy then, I remember, Duccio’s Maestà Altarpiece was unveiled and installed in the Siena Cathedral in Siena, Italy. I was traveling to my home near Mt. Etna, the sun was about to set, my horse was skittish and I felt the first tremor. It never surprised me to feel tremors along this road it happened frequently near the smoking mount. The tremor would not be felt by any normal human and one such as I could feel the shift in the earth, the slight shift in the stone deep beneath the ground. Natural forces are a cruel mistress, the tremor became more aggressive and I new that the ground was about to explode beneath me, leaping from my horse I flew swiftly through the air. Rock and debris blast holes in everything around me, the horse went down in a heap of broken flesh. I dodge most of the blast, it was the second blast that caught me off guard even with my heightened senses, the heat of the liquid fire sear right through my left side. I grab at a tree and pull myself in the opposite direction. More liquid fire erupting around me, I cannot die easily but this fire would surely destroy one such as I. I scanned my horizon looking for a place to take cover, my flesh blistering as I searched. I was in luck or so I thought at the time. In the tree line was a abandoned hovel perhaps a hunters lodge made of stone. the liquid fire spraying all around it, it took just an instant to move to that hovel. I entered it was less oppressive inside, the ground shook and more of the earth exploded outside. I could see through an opening that fired and ash was everywhere the heat became more intense once again. I came to the conclusion that the only way to save myself would to be to bury myself in the earth and dig myself out later. I began to dig I slash huge furrows in the dirt it was not long before I reach solid stone beneath, it was a shallow hole however it would have to do. Another explosion shook the ground I grab part of the stone wall and tore the section away to use as a cover. Laying on my back the earth around me continued to shake, loose earth seep in on me cover me. I thought that I would survive and be free of here when it was over, to my dismay the it only got very hot in my tomb. Yes, It became my tomb, the liquid fire pored over my shelter some of it seeping in to burn away more of my flesh. I was in agony for some time as the earth its self crushed me in its embrace. Everything began to cool the only thing I new was that the earth was tight around me, restrained me unable to move the barest. I was trapped time would pass and I grew hungry and the pain of not being able to feast on precious blood would weaken me. I was aware that I would wither like a true corpse but never truly die.epw55, Thousand Years Of Blood, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.



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